Friday, 12 September 2008

Logo for Nanluogu Xiang

There is a NLGX Logo Design Competition!
NLGX stands for my favorite hutong: Nanluogu Xiang - and they want a logo for this hutong.

Today I received the latest newsletter 7 days in Beijing and found that apparently some Beijing city districts are designing their own logo. Sanlitun and the CBD (Central Business District) already have one and now Nanluogu Xiang wants to keep up with the trend and get its own logo. Local authorities have teamed up with imart to promote a competition to design a new logo for Nanluogu Xiang.
Competition closes on Oct 8.
E-mail entries to

Visit the site, unfortunately only in Chinese, to get more information.

I am also surprised to see that the famous hutong Nanluogu Xiang also has a website!
So far also only in English.

I should have posted about the hutong long before. Alternatively I am just posting some pictures.

red lanterns in the wind

creative shop owner's business cards


west4east said...

OMG,I am so following your blog!!!

Princess Haiku said...

The photo with the lantern is very nice and I have enjoyed your sojourn in Beijing. Will you be starting a new blog about your new/old life? I am sure that would be intriguing also. Be sure to let me know if you do. I have been a peripatetic blogger as of late but never leave permanently.

Princess Haiku


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