Monday, 7 July 2008

A Beijing Poem

I found this poem from an unknown Beijinger:

The Olympics are coming,
8 August is near,
The skies are not bluer
I really do fear.

No more lorries or trucks,
vehicles only from here.
Prices will go up
I really do fear.

Alternate car days,
to keep the roads clear.
Crowded buses and tubes
I really do fear.

The hotels are built,
the room rates are dear.
They will stand empty
I really do fear.

No visas for expats,
no parties I hear.
So nothing to do
I really do fear.

I know what you're thinking,
I really do fear.
So I'll finish this verse
with this Olympic cheer.

clap, clap
thumbs up
clap, clap
arms up

Source: the yahoo group 'Beijing Cafe' - the topic was about the actual 'outrageous shipping cost' due to the Olympics. Link: Beijing Cafe message 22306

PS: This is my first post after I have moved out of China. I still have Beijing on my mind. More then I have imagined. But with the Olympics, the media is full with daily reports on Beijing - so I still feel I have things to say, to add, to correct, to contribute - at least a tiny part to the puzzle from my side.


Princess Haiku said...

Hi Suzie,
Sorry if I am asking about something you posted about but have been out of the blogging loop for a bit. Are you still living in China? And are you going to the Olympics? Hope all is well with you.

- Suzie - said...

Dear Princess,

I am not living in China anymore. I have moved July 1st - back to Germany.

And I am not going to the Olympics (I never wanted to).

Thank you for your concern. Everything is fine! I am just busy settling down in my old hometown (Stuttgart!). I hope I will find more time to write again soon.


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