Saturday, 15 March 2008

China Daily on Tibet

Yes, China Daily, the National English language Newspaper, is reporting about the latest incident in Tibet - on the front page.

Photos: China Daily, front page, March 15 - 16 2008

To be fair, I have to mention that since Saturday, every day, China Daily reports more. Today the subject was on the front page covering more than half of the page (the first half). I don't want to comment on the content.
However, what Western media reports (despite censorship one can find access here and there) seems biased as well.

I hope for peaceful Olympics.


Anonymous said...

Thank you my laowai friend!
I'm grateful to your efforts of spreading the truth towards western people, at least it's a version of truth.
I'm Chinese and I'm going to visit your country during the easter. I believed Rome is a great city, now this feeling is even more stronger!
Thanks again!

Best Regards,

- Suzie from Beijing - said...

Hi Ferdie,
thank you for leaving a comment.
It is a sad story.
I am surprised how biased most Western media report on this.
As a foreigners living in China I think of both sides.
However my post was ment a bit ironic as the coverage on the first day was a bit little.
I hope you don't mind.
Have fun in Rome, lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Eager to read on wen janbao got shoes during his U.K visit. Please hope u will published it soon. Free Tibet

- Suzie - said...

So many others have been writing about the shoe issue in the UK (BTW it was a German guy). I think the Chinese reaction was wise / diplomatic / smart. However the student seems stupid, he insists not to appologize.

Also I should have written about the rabbit's and rat's head belonging to the Yves Saint Laurent collection, sold yesterday by Christies. The only wanted to give back the antiques to China when China frees Tibet. Smart request.

Also I should have posted about the closure of Tibet for tourists during the Tibetan annual holiday. Not so smart move by China.

... so many things to talk or write about. If others have already written about it, I feel like I am publishing old news when I cannot add something special.

But thanks for asking!
I will think about.


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