Sunday, 10 December 2006

Chinese Medicine against cold and flu

Best thing to prevent a cold or flu is to wrap up warm. Yes, I would have thought so. My Chinese Doctors recommends wearing long underwear. Keeping lower body and feet warm, he says, is more important than keeping the head warm.

But when it’s too late… what else?

  • Drink a cup of hot Coca Cola boiled with ginger
  • Cook pears with rock sugar and drink the juice (for coughing)
  • Qio Li Gao herbal syrup (to mix with warm water for keeping lungs ‘moisturized’)
  • Nin Jiom Pei Pa Kao coughing syrup (for all ages when dry cough – my favourite - also available in Thailand! - taste great - also as candy)
  • or Chuan Bej Pi Ba Lu coughing syrup
  • Liu Shen Wan (black pills for infected throat, voice box or loss of voice)
  • Wang Shi Bao Chi Wan (herb for common flu, for children)

My private old "European" recipe from my Dad, also works well:
Squeeze a lemon, add boiled water (1 cup), and honey or rock sugar.

Stay healthy through the winter months!!

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