Thursday, 7 June 2007

Beijing: Cashmere Fashion by Walendy

Ira Walendy is a young fashion designer specialized in cashmere who has launched her own label 'Walendy' here in Beijing.

Ira is born in Germany and studied fashion design in Trier. She worked for international labels such as C&A, Esprit and Prada. In 2005, she has moved with her family, including her son, 8 and her daughter, 6 to Beijing. Since her arrival in China she searches all the markets back and forward week after week to find interesting material, pattern, borders and buttons to design clothes for her kids, husband and herself. Her kids basically do not know 'pret-a-porter' fashion except from their school uniforms. Everything they wear is a unicum designed by their creative mum.

She travels to the markets and tailors about two, three times a week to supervise the progress of her orders. Meanwhile fluent in Mandarin, she works close together with several small local knitting factories. Some of them are the same factories that deliver high quality material to well reputable European fashion brands such as 'Loro Piana" or 'Mulberry'.

End of 2006, Ira was ready to launch her first own label under her maiden name 'Walendy'. She offers custom made knitwear for the whole family: men's sweaters and shirts, ladies' jumpers / sweaters, cardigans, shirts and tops. But kids clothes are still her favorites. Her materials come in a wide range form light weight summer cashmere until eight threat yarn hand knitted winter cardigans with lots of precious details such as tonal embroideries or beautiful cable patterns.

She successfully presented her kid's cashmere collection to upper market children boutiques based in Dusseldorf and Munich, Germany, where they will be on sale this autumn.

Beijingers looking for some stylish, pretty neat knitwear can contact Ira by email to be included on her mailing list for her next 'Cashmere Party' at her home at Lanebridge. Her second party, presenting her summer Cashmere collection, just took place in May.

Ira is my friend since we first met in autumn 2005 at the Italian Embassy, where we both drop our kids on Saturdays for Italian school. I am very pleased and exited to introduce her on my blog today. We had lots of fun 'shooting' her collection at her house and garden. Actually Ira's private home was designed by the same interior designer who did the two 'Green T. House'. One more reason to visit Ira. Sign up here for her next info mail.

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The pink cashmere 'cache coeur' starts from 590 RMB (about 65 USD) for children, but can be ordered in bigger sizes. The green cotton lady shirt costs 410 RMB (about 45 USD).

Remark: After the summer holidays will be the right time to place orders for Christmas!

Photos by -Suzie-


Diane Dehler said...

Sorry about the confusion with my link list. I was cut and pasting and better check what else I did too. :)

Diane Dehler said...

Hi Suzie,
The wool clothes are very attractive and I have always regretted having a severe allergy to wool. Wool sweaters are always the most elegant but fortunately there are cottons and linen blends.

- Susan - said...

Dear Princess,
a wool allergy? Wow, never heard of that. From lamb? Goat as well? What keeps you warm in winter?
For summer I ordered from my friend cotton shirts. The best part is, that she can make it custom made. Everything else in China is too small for me.
Have a nice weekend.

Diane Dehler said...

Suzie, it's the lanolin in the wool that is an allergen. For warmer clothes I use corduroy, velvets, cotton in layers. There is a silk like synthetic used for winter coats that is very warm. Nice, cotton sweaters are easy to find.

BTW I was curious what kind of uniforms the kids wear to schools. We have a lot of trouble in Ca with colors. Certain gangs claim certain colors as belonging to them and will attack children wearing them.
A lot of parents want their children in uniforms for this reason.

Unknown said...

Hi Suzie,

Ira is also an old friend of mine going back as far as 1984. I tried the link to get in touch with her, but the email address is no longer valid. Could you provide me with newer contact information for Ira to my email address at
Thanks so much,
Tamara Koch

Anonymous said...

Hi I too love Walendy's pieces but can't get in contact with her but know plenty of Beijing friends who'd be keen to buy too - can you send me her contact details?


PS love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Well i have to say these cashmere sweaters look fantastic,keep up the good work!


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