Thursday, 14 June 2007

Beijing: Another Painting from Creation Gallery

Lady and Cat Series 2007.5 by Zhang Yongping
Oil Painting on Canvas, 97x130cm
(about 3000 USD)

This is the other painting my husband preferred. He just likes modern oil or acrylic painting better than the traditional Chinese Paintings. Although the other two paintings I posted were not that traditional. I agree, the painting is beautiful and very calm. But I did not like the small heads of the women painted by female painter Zhang Yongping. Didn't Henry Moore made those kind of bronze statues?

Painting and photo source: Creation Gallery, Beijing


Diane Dehler said...

There is a dreamy quality to this painting and it's beautiful but- I don't get the head thing either.

- Susan - said...

I asked Lolita from the Gallery whether the painter is a woman or a man. I really wonder why I woman would paint a woman with nearly no head. But maybe heads and faces are too difficult for her or would disturb the dreamy atmosphere. Maybe, dreaming woman have no head and it is a symbol?


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