Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Japan Nuclear Situation: Due to westwinds no danger for China (update)

A hypothetical "radiation cloud", from either Fukushima Daiichi or Onagawa, will most likely  be diverted to the East due to typical westerly winds.

Source of photo and read more about it at


But on the other hand: winds can change.

Look at this video, that shows an animation of the radioactive cloud over Europe and parts of Asia after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl (Tschernobyl) in April and May 1986. Very sad!

For now, the accident in Japan is rated 5 on the INES scale from 1-7, while Chernobyl was a major accident and rated 7.

Chinese Government should install lots of windmills!!!
Sorry, no time for jokes.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Jasmine Revolution in Beijing ?! - no way !

When my mother, living in Europe, called me yesterday and told me that there are demonstrations in Beijing and other cities going on, starting the so called "Jasmine Revolution", I had to question her Western media sources. Of course I read about some calls for protest rallies on Sundays, but also that nobody came - or those who came were arrested (which I do oppose of course).

Not sure what the Western Media is hoping for. Democracy in China or a higher circulation ?

Chinese are definitely not going to rally because they neither want nor need a revolution. Chinese are proud of their nation that is moving forward. Their quality of live is getting better every year. Money rules the Chinese World ! And the government is aware of what needs to bee done to secure "harmony" (in a positive way, I hope). That is the difference to the other middle East countries.

When I checked my favorite blogs, I found these very good posts that worth reading for a quick insight:

and this:
or this:

In my blog I hardly say anything about politics. But what makes me angry is to see the so called free and intellectual Western Media writing constantly negative about anything Chinese.

But on the other hand (to be fair, I have to mention that not everything is China is great), what bothered me most while living in China was the Internet censorship. Facebook, twitter, blogs, all blocked and certain web content blocked or deleted. After Egypt used the Internet so successfully to organise its revolution, the Great Fire Wall of China will become even more strict. But does it really bother Chinese enough to dare to protest on the streets? And if yes, it would not lead to a downfall of the government, maybe not even to an improvement of the censorship or human rights. These changes only come slowly, when the government feels sure about a harmonious society.


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