Thursday, 18 November 2010

Red Acrylic Chinese Chairs

These traditional Chinese horseshoe shaped chairs are not of red lacquered wood. They are acrylic chairs ! They look super cool in the stylish "Green T. House Living" in Shunyi, Beijing.

My stay in Beijing was fantastic, I still have not figured out where to start. So I am posting two pics my friend took during our lunch at the Green T. House living. She would like to know where to get these acrylic chairs. Anyone can help?

photo source:  N.U.


Yvalie said...

Looks gorgeous!!
I am very interested in buying them, too...;-) Thanks for investigating.
all the best,

- Susan - said...

Hi, welcome to my blog. Thanks for commenting. Not sure why I am so reluctant about posting althoug I have so many things to tell from my last trip... ok. coming soon.

jing said...

Hey- just found your blog through your Mei Lanfang writeup and think its fantastic. As far as I know, JinR, the prorprietress of Green T. Living designs all her own furniture, interior, food, etc.

Which is why I absolutely worship her. You might want to get in touch with her and ask?

- Susan - said...

Hi Jing,
thanks for the hint!
I my self once wrote for "urbane" a home story of my friend's house that was designed by the interior designer of the Green T. House living:
Beijing Notebook: February Urbane issue (2008)
(you need to click on the article's captures to read).

Actually for me JinR is a mysterious person. It is said that she is behind EVERYTHING, as you say, interior, furniture, dishes, food etc. But I think she got some helpers.

The interior designer that designed my friends house is Jiang Tao, senior member at Beijing ARCN Architecture & Interios. She is well know for fusing Western design with Chinese elements. And it is know that she is one of ht creative forces behind Beijing's Green T House Living.

But, still thanks for the hint.
I will tell my friend, she is good in research. (I guess I should have published the words of the article and not jut captures, we would have found the designer's name earlier. Although not sure, if she did these chairs. But she might know more).

Unknown said...

.... these chairs are great, could you find out where to order, please

greetings from Germany



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