Friday, 25 February 2011

Modern Chinese Furniture: Seat for T. by JinR

We found them ! Remember, that my girlfriends and I had lunch at the Green T. House Living in Shunyi, outside Beijing last October and we saw these awesome red acrylic horseshoe shape Chinese chairs (see my post) and wondered ever since if they would be for sale? My friend Yvalie, beside other talents, she is a very talented web surfer, found them at the Green T. House online shop and at an US online shop here.

Quan Chair red acrylic (as seen at Green T. House Living)  

Interior of the Green T. House in Sanlitun, Beijing

The above acrylic chair is also available in clear and in another shape. When you click on the first picture, you will see the price, and this is not so funny anymore... 3,755 USD.

The Ming Chair (left) with a 2,30 m high back, costs even more. What a pity, these chairs are so cool.

The Green T. House(s) is famous for JinR's creative concept offering sophisticated dishes on unique plates in a minimalistic surrounding while sitting on special seats. Now JinR has even launched her "Seat for T." collection.

Sometimes it is difficult to believe that behind all this beauty is just one master mind. JinR, originally a musician, when she became a tea house owner in Sanlitun, later a restaurateur, interior designer of her restaurants and now even a furniture designer. I think she is not only very pretty, but also very smart and has some very good consultants working for her. An allround entrepreneur that I admire!
JinR the creator of the Green T. House

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